Quick guide to using EBSCO A-to-Z

newsQ. What is EBSCO A-to-Z?

A. It’s pretty much a big ol’ list of journals that you, dear Biblical student/faculty/staff member, can access for free online.

Q. So how is it different from EBSCOhost?

A. Well, EBSCOhost is a searchable database. A-to-Z isn’t. That is, you can search by journal title, or by general subject, but not by/for individual articles. If you’re looking for something specific, you’ll have to find it the old-fashioned way: by checking all the tables of contents yourself.

Q. If I can’t search for individual articles, what use is it to me?

A. A whole bunch! EBSCOhost lets you access 215 titles, some of which are just abstracts. A-to-Z links to more than 2,000 titles, all of which are full-text.

Q. Okay then, how do I use it?

A. It’s linked to from the library’s database proxy page, and comes complete with a handy-dandy “about this site” tab that does a better job of explaining the details than I can. The one thing to remember is that A-to-Z is basically a catalog, not a database, so clicking on a title will take you to an external site.

Now go check it out!

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