7/1/13 – Books books books

books (austinevan)Psychometric testing : 1000 ways to assess your personality, creativity, intelligence and lateral thinking / Philip Carter and Ken Russell. BF 176 .C37 2001

Irrationality : why we don’t think straight! / Stuart Sutherland. BF 442 .S88 1994

The path of least resistance : learning to become the creative force in your own life / Robert Fritz. BF 637 .S8 F67 1989

Points of influence : a guide to using personality theory at work / Morley Segal. BF 698 .S4233 1997

Moral development, moral education, and Kohlberg : basic issues in philosophy, psychology, religion, and education / edited by Brenda Munsey. BF 723 .M54 M684 1980

Transitions through adult life / Charles M. Sell. BF 724.5 .S45 1991

Lying : moral choice in public and private life / by Sissela Bok. BJ 1421 .B64 1989

The Apostolic Fathers in English / translated and edited by Michael W. Holmes ; after the earlier version of J.B. Lightfoot and J.R. Harmer. BR 60 .A62 2006

Evangelical dictionary of theology / edited by Walter A. Elwell. Ref. BR 95 .E87 2001

Christian feminism : visions of a new humanity / edited by Judith L. Weidman. BT 704 .C48 1984

Choosing your faith : in a world of spiritual options / Mark Mittelberg ; foreword by Lee Strobel. BT 1103 .M58 2008

Generous living : finding contentment through giving / Ron Blue with Jodie Berndt. BV 772 .B58 1997

The unexpected adventure : taking everyday risks to talk with people about Jesus / Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg. BV 3790 .S887 2009

No perfect people allowed : creating a come-as-you-are culture in the church / John Burke. BV 4011.3 .B87 2005

Facing messy stuff in the church : case studies for pastors and congregations / Kenneth L. Swetland. BV 4011.3 .S95 2005

Restoring margin to overloaded lives / Richard A. Swenson with Karen Lee-Thorp. BV 4501.2 .S8872 1999

Lies women believe and the truth that sets them free / Nancy Leigh DeMoss. BV 4527 .D46 2001

The emotionally healthy church : a strategy for discipleship that actually changes lives / Peter Scazzero with Warren Bird. BV 4597.3 .S32 2003

Biblical Christianity : letters / from Allan A. MacRae. BX 8915 .M32 A4 1994

The devoted life : an invitation to the Puritan classics / edited by Kelly M. Kapic and Randall C. Gleason. BX 9323 .D48 2004

Changing the essence : the art of creating and leading fundamental change in organizations / Richard Beckhard, Wendy Pritchard. HD 58.8 .B397 1992

The tip of the iceberg : managing the hidden forces that can make or break your organization / by David Hutchens ; illustrated by Bobby Gombert. HD 58.82 .H883 2001

The seven C’s of consulting : your complete blueprint for any consultancy assignment / Mick Cope. HD 69 .C6 C668 2000

Breakthrough consulting : so you want to be a consultant? Turn your expertise into a successful consulting business / Alex Dembitz and James Essinger. HD 69 .C6 D42 2000

The unbounded mind : breaking the chains of traditional business thinking / Ian I. Mitroff and Harold A. Linstone. HF 1131 .M58 1993

Employing generation why? : understanding, managing, and motivating your new workforce / Eric Chester. HF 5549 .C54 2002

No more teams! : mastering the dynamics of creative collaboration / Michael Schrage. HF 5549.5 .G73 .S3628 1995

What’s right with feminism / Elaine Storkey.  HQ 1154 .S685 1986

The de-voicing of society : why we don’t talk to each other anymore / John L. Locke. P 95.45 .L63 1998

From psyche to system : the evolving therapy of Carl Whitaker / edited by John R. Neill and David P. Kniskern ; foreword by Salvador Minuchin. RC 488.5 .F76 1982

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