11/15/13 – Some not-so-new books

books (by faeryan)Plato’s cosmology : the Timaeus of Plato / translated with a running commentary by Francis Macdonald Cornford. B 387 .A5 C65 1957

A history of mediaeval Jewish philosophy / by Isaac Husik. B 755 .H87 1958

Philosophical writings : a selection / by John Duns Scotus ; translated, with an introduction by Allan Wolter. B 765 .D7 W65 1962

Philosophical writings : a selection / William of Ockham ; translated, with an introduction, by Philotheus Boehner. B 765 .O32 E5 1964

Human memory : structures and processes / Roberta L. Klatzky. BF 371 .K53 1980

The Myth of measurability / edited by Paul L. Houts. BF 431 .M97 1977

Control of human behavior : volume 2, from cure to prevention / Roger Ulrich, Thomas Stachnik, John Mabry. BF 637 .B4 C66 1966

Nature and Utility of religion / John Stuart Mill ; edited with an introduction by George Nakhnikian. BL 51 .M554 1958

A place for you : psychology and religion / Paul Tournier. BL 53 .T68213 1968

Natural theology : selections / William Paley ; edited, with an introduction, by Frederick Ferré. BL 180 .P35 1963

God, ancestor or creator? : aspects of traditional belief in Ghana, Nigeria & Sierra Leone / Harry Sawyerr. BL 205 .S39 1970

The other side of death : does death seal your destiny? / Tal Brooke. BL 535 .B76 1979

The Oriental religions in Roman paganism / by Franz Cumont ; with an introductory essay by Grant Showerman ; authorized translation. BL 805 .C86 1956

Passover / edited by Mordell Klein. BM 695 .P3 K57 1973

On free choice of the will / Saint Augustine ; translated by Anna S. Benjamin and L.H. Hackstaff ; with an introduction by L.H. Hackstaff. BR 65 .A6643 1964

History of Christianity in the Middle Ages : from the fall of Rome to the fall of Constantinople / William Ragsdale Cannon. BR 162.2 .C36 1960

Pagan and Christian in an age of anxiety : some aspects of religious experience from Marcus Aurelius to Constantine / by E.R. Dodds. BR 170 .D63 1965

Grace and reason : a study in the theology of Luther / by B.A. Gerrish. BR 333.2 .G47 1962

Pilgrims in their own land : 500 years of religion in America / Martin E. Marty. BR 515 .M373 1984

History of bigotry in the United States / by Gustavus Myers. BR 516 .M94 1943

The gospel people of Latin America / Clayton L. (“Mike”) Berg & Paul E. Pretiz. BR 600 .B47 1992

Great leaders of the Christian church / Elgin S. Moyer. BR 1700.2 .M69 1951

New Living Translation complete concordance / John R. Kohlenberger III ; James A. Swanson. BS 425 .K64 1996

Patriarchs and prophets / Stanley Frost. BS 571 .F66 1963

The gift of art : the place of the arts in Scripture / Gene Edward Veith, Jr. BS 680 .A77 V45 1983

The Old Testament : text and context / Victor H. Matthews, James C. Moyer. BS 1171.2 .M38 1997

Paradise to prison : studies in Genesis / John J. Davis. BS 1235.3 .D385 1975

The Psalms : their structure and meaning / by Pius Drijvers. BS 1430 .D6513 1965

Political issues in Luke-Acts / edited by Richard J. Cassidy and Philip J. Scharper. BS 2589 .P65 1983

The gospel in the Epistle to the Hebrews / by R.V.G. Tasker. BS 2775 .T37 1950

The Epistle of Paul the apostle to the Hebrews / by Oliver B. Greene. BS 2775.3 .G83 1965

Our holy faith / compiled and edited by T.M. Anderson. BT 78 .A53 1965

Neo-orthodoxy / by Charles Caldwell Ryrie. BT 78 .R97 1966

God’s covenant / by K.M. Campbell. BT 155 .C34x 1974

On the trial of Jesus / by Paul Winter. BT 440 .W56 1961

“Our Father” : an introduction to the Lord’s prayer / Ernst Lohmeyer ; translated by John Bowden. BV 230 .L6413 1965

The gift of communion : Luther’s controversy with Rome on eucharistic sacrific / Carl F. Wisløff ; translated by Joseph M. Shaw. BV 823 .W5713 1964

Problem solving in the Christian family / by David A. Seamands. BV 835 .S33 1975

Partnering in ministry : the direction of world evangelism / Luis Bush and Lorry Lutz. BV 2063 .B8715 1990

Offer them Christ : Christian mission for the twenty-first century / William M. Pickard, Jr. BV 3790 .P535 1998

Hispanic ministry in North America / Alex D. Montoya. BV 4468.2 .H57 M66 1987

God’s psychiatry / Charles L. Allen. BV 4501 .A55 1953

God’s plan for building a good reputation / Gene A. Getz. BV 4501.2 .G48 1987

Stories for a man’s heart : over 100 stories to encourage his soul / compiled by Al and Alice Gray. BV 4528.2 .S76 1999

Gaining through losing / Evelyn Christenson ; assisted editorially by Viola Blake. BV 4905.2 .C47 1980

Papal primacy and the universal church / edited by Paul C. Empie and T. Austin Murphy. BX 1805 .P24 1974

The Old Catholic movement : its origins and history / by C.B. Moss. BX 4765 .M67 1977

Paul Tillich’s philosophy of culture, science, and religion / James Luther Adams. BX 4827 .T53 A73 1965

The Oxford movement / edited by Eugene R. Fairweather. BX 5099 .F35 1964

A history of Black Baptists / Leroy Fitts. BX 6443 .F57 1985

Grace and glory : sermons preached in the chapel of Princeton Theological Seminary / Geerhardus Vos. BX 6826 .V67 1994

The old Brethren / James H. Lehman. BX 7815 .L44 1976

Gilbert Haven, Methodist abolitionist : a study in race, religion, and reform, 1850-1880 / edited by the Commission on Archives and History of the United Methodist Church. BX 8495 .H28 G73 1973

The people called Nazarenes : who we are and what we believe / Gene Van Note. BX 8699 .N33 N674 1983

The odyssey of new religious movements : persecution, struggle, legitimation : a case study of the Unification Church / John T. Biermans. BX 9750 .S44 B54 1986

The past speaks for itself : documents in Western civilization / [edited by] Theodore J. Hartwig. CB 245 .P334 2002

Historia de Hierosolymitano itinere / Peter Tudebode ; translated with introduction and notes by John Hugh Hill and Laurita L. Hill. D 161.1 .T8313 1974

The origins of Rome / Raymond Bloch. DG 221 .B56 1960

The Hebrew impact on western civilization / edited by Dagobert D. Runes. DS 113 .R86 1976

Investigative social research : individual and team field research / Jack D. Douglas. H 62 .D69 1976

The other side of divorce / Helen Kooiman Hosier. HQ 834 .H67 1975

Political correctness / David Thibodaux. LC 72.2 .T55 1992

The gift of music : great composers and their influences / Jane Stuart Smith, Betty Carlson; introduction by Francis A. Schaeffer. ML 390 .S65 1987

The Grand inquisitor on the nature of man / Fyodor Dostoevski ; translated by Constance Garnett ; with an introduction by William Hubben. PG 3326 .B73 G3 1948

Our neighbour, Martin Luther : chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta family / [edited] by Elizabeth Rundle Charles. PZ 3 .C38 C2 1964

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