2/7/14 – Not-so-new books galore

books (by faeryan)Selected writings of St. Thomas Acquinas : Principles of nature ; On being and essence ; On the virtues in general ; On free choice / translated, with introductions and notes, by Robert P. Goodwin. B 765 .T52 E49 1965

Modern Thomistic philosophy : an explanation for students / by R.P. Phillips. BD 21 .P45 1964

The way of Lao Tzu : (Tao-tê ching) / translated with introductory essays, comments, and notes, by Wing-tsit Chan. BL 1900 .L3 C44 1963

The Pharisees, and other essays / Leo Baeck ; introduction by Krister Stendahl. BM 175 .P4 B34 1947

Islam : Muhammad and his religion / edited, with an introduction, by Arthur Jeffery. BP 161.2 .J34 1958

General history of the Christian religion and church : from the German of Dr. Augustus Neander / translated according to the latest edition, by Joseph Torrey. Rare BR 162 .N43 1872

Revivalism and separatism in New England, 1740-1800 : Strict Congregationalist and Separate Baptists in the Great Awakening / C.C. Goen. BR 520 .G64 1962

Spirit and power : foundations of Pentecostal experience : a call to Evangelical dialogue / William W., Robert P. Menzies. BR 1644 .M46 2000

Eighteen principles of divine revelation : a basic system of hermeneutics / by Clifton L. Fowler. BS 476 .F69 1971

The Pentateuch in the Light of To-day : being a simple introduction to the Pentateuch on the lines of the higher criticism / by Alfred Holborn. Rare BS 1225 .H65 1902

Answering God : the Psalms as tools for prayer / Eugene H. Peterson. BS 1430.5 .P47 1989

The theology of Psalm VIII : a study of the traditions of the text and the theological import / by Conrad Louis. BS 1450 8th .L68 1946

The prophetic faith / Martin Buber. BS 1505 .B8313 1960

The Gospel according to Peter, and the Revelation of Peter : two lectures on the newly recovered fragments, together with the Greek texts / by J. Armitage Robinson and Montague Rhodes James. BS 2860 .P6 R63 1892

The development of theology in Germany since Kant : and its progress in Great Britain since 1825 / by Otto Pfleiderer ; translated under the author’s supervision by J. Frederick Smith. BT 27 .P55 1890

100 portraits of Christ / Henry Gariepy. BT 590 .N2 G37 1987

The Apostles’ Creed in the light of today’s questions / Wolfhart Pannenberg. BT 993.2 .P3613 1972

The Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts and the Bible / by Andrew K. Helmbold. BT 1391 .H45 1967

A history of Unitarianism : Socinianism and its antecedents / by Earl Morse Wilbur. BT 1480 .W55 1946

Single adult ministry : the next step / Douglas L. Fagerstrom, editor. BV 639 .S5 S564 1993

Song of Songs / Watchman Nee ; translated by Elizabeth K. Mei and Daniel Smith. BV 1485.3 .N44 1972

Never beyond hope : how God touches & uses imperfect people / J.I. Packer and Carolyn Nystrom. BV 4638 .P33 2000

Soul provider / Tim Elmore. BV 4843 .E56 1992

The illuminating icon / by Anthony Ugolnik. BX 510 .U36 1989

Kierkegaard and Bultmann : the quest of the historical Jesus / by Hebert C. Wolf. BX 4827 .K5 W65 1965

The rise and progress of Maryland Baptists / by Joseph T. Watts. BX 6248 .M3 W38 1940z

Baptist roots in America : the historical background of Reformed Baptists in America / Samuel E. Waldron. BX 6389.2 .B36 1991

Baptist battles : social change and religious conflict in the Southern Baptist Convention / by Nancy Tatom Ammerman. BX 6462.3 .A56 1990

G. Campbell Morgan : the man and his ministry / by John Harries. BX 7260 .M555 H37 1930

A compendious history of American Methodism : abridged from the author’s “History of the Methodist Episcopal Church” / by Abel Stevens. BX 8235 .S84 1867z

Supplementary history of American Methodism : a continuation of the author’s Abridged history of American Methodism / by Abel Stevens. BX 8235 .S842 1899

Fundamentals of Methodism / by Edwin D. Mouzon. BX 8331 .M68 1923

The Puritan mind / by Herbert W. Schneider. BX 9321 .S45 1958

Puritanism and Richard Baxter / by Hugh Martin. BX 9334 .M37 1954

History of the Reformed Church of Germany, 1620-1890 / James I. Good. BX 9464 .G66 1894

History of the Reformed Church in the United States, 1725-1792 / by James I. Good. BX 9565 .G66 1899

The modern history of Israel / Noah Lucas. DS 126.5 .L83 1975

The Puritan dilemma : the story of John Winthrop / Edmund S. Morgan ; edited by Oscar Handlin. F 67 .W66 1956

The socialist decision / Paul Tillich ; translated by Franklin Sherman. HX 56 .T5513 1977

Black English : its history and usage in the United States / J.L. Dillard. PE 3102 .N4 D55 1973

Grammar of the Chaldee language : as contained in the Bible and the Targums / by George B. Winer ; translated from the German by H.B. Hackett. Rare PJ 5213 .W56 1845

The masks of melancholy : a Christian physician looks at depression & suicide / John White. RC 537 .W44 1982

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