6/16/14 – And books and books and books

project 365 #49 (comedy_nose)Fear’s answer : a case history in nouthetic counseling / Martha Graves DeBardeleben ; foreword by Jay E. Adams. BF 637 .C6 D43 1980

To reform the nation : theological foundations of Wesley’s ethics / Leon O. Hynson. BJ 1224 .H96 1984

Religion and leisure in America : a study in four dimensions / Robert Lee. BJ 1498 .L44 1964

Religion / Philip H. Ashby, editor … [et al.]. BL 41 .R36 1965

From critical theology to a critical theory of religious insight : essays in contemporary religious thought / Marc P. Lalonde. BL 51 .L35 2007

Religion in America : an historical account of the development of American religious life / Winthrop S. Hudson. BL 2525 .H83 1987

The essential Talmud / Adin Steinsaltz ; translated from the Hebrew by Chaya Galai. BM 503.5 .S7413 1992

Contextualization of theology : an evangelical assessment / by Bruce C.E. Fleming. BR 118 .F64 1980

The Canons of the Council of Sardica, A.D. 343 : a landmark in the early development of canon law / by Hamilton Hess. BR 205 .H47 1958

Luther’s world of thought / by Heinrich Bornkamm ; translated by Martin H. Bertram. BR 333 .B67 1958

The Religion of the Republic / edited by Elwyn A. Smith. BR 515 .R45 1971

Religious liberty in the United States : the development of church-state thought since the Revolutionary era / Elwyn A. Smith. BR 516 .S55 1972

A nation without a conscience / Tim & Beverly LaHaye. BR 526 .L34 1994

The English Bible under the Tudor sovereigns / by W.T. Whitley. BS 455 .W45 1937z

The book of God : a response to the Bible / Gabriel Josipovici. BS 535 .J67 1988

American fundamentalism and Israel : the relation of fundamentalist churches to Zionism and the State of Israel / Yona Malachy. BS 649 .J5 M353 1978

Biblical structuralism : method and subjectivity in the study of ancient texts / by Robert M. Polzin. BS 1415.2 .P65 1977

The message of Jeremiah : against wind and tide / Derek Kidner. BS 1525.3 .K53 1987

Jeremiah, Lamentations / Tremper Longman III. BS 1525.53 .L66 2012

Jeremiah : an introduction and commentary / John L. Mackay. BS 1525.53 .M33 2004

Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans / by Martin Luther ; a new abridged translation by J. Theodore Mueller. BS 2665 .L87 1954

Exegetical and practical commentary on Romans / by J.P. McBeth. BS 2665 .M334 1937

The Epistle to the Romans / by James M. Stifler. BS 2665.3 .S75 1983

A commentary on the Epistle to the Philippians / F.W Beare. BS 2705.3 .B43 1959

A cloud of witnesses : ten great Christian thinkers / Alister McGrath. BT 77 .M357 1990

The meaning of Jesus : two visions / Marcus J. Borg, N.T. Wright. BT 202 .B67 1999

The conflict of the ages : mystery of lawlessness : its origin, historic development and coming defeat / Arno Clemens Gaebelein. BT 875 .G344 1968

I want to be a Christian / J.I. Packer. BT 993.2 .P33 1977

The coming world revival : your part in God’s plan to reach the world / Robert E. Coleman. BV 600.2 .C65 1995

Effective evangelism : a theological mandate / Donald A. McGavran. BV 652.25 .M343 1988

The Reformed Church in China, 1842-1951 / by Gerald F. De Jong. BV 2580 .D45 1992

The positive use of the minister’s role / by David C. Jacobsen. BV 4011 .J33 1967

Stranger in the pew / Kenneth Wray Conners. BV 4501.2 .C66 1970

Building up one another / Gene A. Getz. BV 4501.2 .G482 1976

A gardener looks at the fruits of the spirit / W. Phillip Keller. BV 4501.2 .K452 1979

I surrender : submitting to Christ in the details of life / Patrick M. Morley ; foreword by Charles W. Colson. BV 4501.2 .M674 1990

God isn’t in a hurry : learning to slow down and live / Warren W. Wiersbe. BV 4501.2 .W544 1994

Growing wise in family life / Charles R. Swindoll. BV 4526.2 .S752 1988

The experience of faith / V. Bailey Gillespie. BV 4637 .G55 1988

The freedom of forgiveness : 70 x 7 / by David Augsburger. BV 4647 .F55 A94 1973

Enjoying intimacy with God / J. Oswald Sanders. BV 4817 .S26 2000

Ecumenical testimony / by Arie R. Brouwer. BX 9 .B76 1991

The Catholic church, the renaissance and Protestantism : lectures given at the Catholic Institute of Paris, January to March 1904 / by Alfred Baudrillart ; with a prefatory letter from H.E. Cardinal Perraud ; authorised translation by Mrs. Philip Gibbs. BX 946 .B38 1908

Ultimate concern : Tillich in dialogue / D. Mackenzie Brown. BX 4811 .T55 1965

Faith and ethics : the theology of H. Richard Niebuhr / edited by Paul Ramsey. BX 4827 .N47 R36 1957

Reinhold Niebuhr : a biography / Richard Wightman Fox. BX 4827 .N5 F69 1985

Farewell to Anglicanism / H.M. Carson. BX 5131.2 .C37 1969

The Arminian arm of theology : the theologies of John Fletcher, first Methodist theologian, and his precursor, James Arminius / Howard A. Slaatte. BX 6195 .S53 1977

The Lutherans in North America / edited by E. Clifford Nelson, in collaboration with Theodore G. Tappert … [et al.]. BX 8041 .L87 1975

Exploring unification theology / edited by Susan Hodges and M. Darrol Bryant. BX 9750 .S4 E96 1978

Archaeology and society : reconstructing the prehistoric past / by Grahame Clark. CC 75 .C53 1960

Religion in the ranks / edited and compiled by Martin L. Leuschner, Charles F. Zummach, Walter E. Kohrs. D 744.4 .L48 1946

Christian leadership in Indian America / edited by Tom Claus and Dale W. Kietzman. E 59 .M65 C46 1976

Four hazardous journeys of the Reverend Jonathan Blanchard, founder of Wheaton College / Raymond P. Fischer. E 449 .B638 F57 1987

Management : a biblical approach / Myron Rush ; foreword by Lorne Sanny. HD 38 .R87 1983

Up against the Wal-Marts : how your business can prosper in the shadow of the retail giants / Don Taylor, Jeanne Smalling Archer. HF 5386 .T39 1994

Set free : living proofs that alcoholics need not despair / by Addison C. Raws. HV 5187 .R33 1972

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