Just for fun: Mysterious book sculptures

Almost a year and a half ago, mysterious and marvelous sculptures began appearing in libraries around Edinburgh–sculptures made out of books. If the article inspires you to follow suit, don’t forget we sell used books as cheaply as $0.10….

A Book For Xmas from a book for xmas on Vimeo.

Friday fun: the card catalog

Yale University Card Catalog from Ellen Su on Vimeo.

Friday fun: A few words on libraries

And now that you’ve learned about how marvelous libraries are, why not come by and check out ours?

Friday fun: Study like a scholar, scholar

We don’t have sandwiches, but we do have coffee and tea and hot chocolate (and occasionally candy or cake). So… come visit the library for your caffeine and/or sugar boost!

And books. We have those too.


Students and faculty from the University of Washington’s Information School get their groove on.

Directed, edited, and produced by Sarah Wachter.

Friday Fun: Church history in 4 minutes

Seems fitting, given that tomorrow’s Reformation Day.


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